Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Can't Keep Up with Life...

The LORD has done it this very day (week, month, year); let us rejoice today and be glad. -Psalm 118:24

This verse resonates in my life for the past few weeks. God has been so good to me, to our little family, and to our ministry. Life is passing us by so quickly and I want to do a better job documenting all of the little blessings, good or bad.

We celebrated our biggest news this year. Baby Teng #2 is coming in October. We still can't stop smiling. Caleb is still on the fence about this one.

Happiest smile EVER. Our baby is now 4. Mickey and Minnie invited him for a very special 4 year old celebration.

Disney is SO much more relaxing and enjoyable when you only have one or two goals to accomplish. It was the best time we have ever had... and we have been a lot. 

And of course, 4 wouldn't be awesome without a party with friends.

Love the little boy he's growing up to be...



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