Friday, April 27, 2012

5 years later..

April 2008
 This was our first time visiting Tybee Island, GA together. We were newlyweds of 5 months. Sweet times!  =)

April 2012
5 years later...
I still think we look the same.
It's so fun documenting and reflecting back on us through the years. It has been 5 years of love, fun and adventures with my man. We have changed so much yet I think we are still the same. I don't think life would be this fun with anyone else.

Tybee Island isn't my favorite beach. I actually don't even like it. It's so ugly...  But. IT'S A BEACH!! It's 4 hours away (vs the 6 hours to Destin that we take 4 times a year) and it neighbors the cutest little town named Savannah. I do love River Street, the hotels, the restaurants, the people, the shops, and the charming characteristics of little towns.

Huey's on River St.
Our group having dinner before heading home. I've eaten at Huey's every time I am in Savannah. It's the perfect spot for happy hour and a quick bite. You're right on River Street... Open and quaint. Plus it's directly across from the square that provides live music.

 Looks like our little man likes Savannah as well. =)


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