Friday, March 9, 2012

What's going on in our corner?

Winter didn't really come and yet it's almost on its way out. I'm thankful for a mild Winter but will fully embrace Spring Summer when it arrives!

It's been a busy season over here. No exciting changes but a busy one regardless. We started the year with a new goal: to pray specifically. And God has gone above and beyond by answering them specifically. He's working and moving our hearts. So what's up?

1. We found an awesome [married] small group! We have been married for almost 5 years and struggled with find couples doing life and marriage intentionally, who can also pour into our hearts and life. We prayed and hoped not only for a group we can walk in the Word with but also do life with. God has brought 6 specific couples to us and they all bless us with different purposes. They inspire us to lead a better parenting life, to love our spouse better, to just serve our Savior better.

2. God has been answering my prayers about my husband specially for me. My dear husband is my boldest example of faith and it is so amazing to see how God moves in his life.

3. Caleb Rhys continues to be our greatest blessing. The lastest blessing? He is potty trained! It took one long morning but it is done. I am spoiled and very thankful with how good and easy this boy is! =) I know this won't last but for now I welcome being spoiled. =)

4. My [Transit] middle school girls are growing up so fast! I am so blessed to be able to watch them grow in their faith. They have blessed me so much more than they could ever imagine!

5. Caleb Rhys turned 3. We have a 3 year old?!

We are celebrating Caleb's 3rd birthday this weekend with our friends and family. Have a great weekend! =)


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