Friday, November 18, 2011

10 reasons we are so thankful for our Caleb

 In the spirit of this Thanksgiving season, we wanted to share with you why we are so thankful for Caleb. He has brought so much life and joy into our lives that it would be selfish of me not to share the love!

1. We are so thankful for a healthy, handsome & full of life baby boy!
Here's the picture of his first night out of the womb. If he could talk, he would have told you that he was so glad he was no longer in there... I ditto that. All 21.5 inches of him hated being in there and I didn't enjoy being kicked in the ribs everyday. Caleb made a very graceful entrance... God was in the room and we felt his grace.

2. He is a reminder of grace and love from our Savior.
God knew our needs and desires before we even utter it into words... He trusted and personally picked US to be his parents. He picked ME to be his mom. He could have picked anyone, but He picked us!

3. He makes us appreciate the simple things in life. 
Like the beach and chubby babies. =)

 4. He makes us want to be better people.
He amazes us every day with the things he can accomplish. He LOVES life and the people in his life so much! He is such a thoughtful kid with a compassion heart that you can't help but thank God for creating your child after His image. We want our hearts to reflect our actions, like Caleb's. That, and his candidness is hil-a-rious!

5. He makes us look at the world with a whole new perspective.
His little eyes offer so much insight of the world. He gets so excited and marveled when he discovers something new. The simplicity of his excitement for the little things in life makes us slow down and get excited too! Just the other day he was excited that I cut his banana in slices... we laughed and hugged all morning!

6. He brings happiness to everyone he knows!
He gives smiles, hugs, and kisses to everyone he meets. He leaves the pretty ladies in life sweet messages on their phones. The hugs and kisses giving in our house has tripled since he came into the world!
Caleb's favorite person in this whole world is his Papa (my dad) and to see that my son can light my dad's face up makes me happy. Their bond is so special.

7. He reminds us of when we were kids.
When was the last time you got so excited for a bday gift that you smile so much it hurt? This is Caleb every time he receives something from us. And he plays with that toy forrreeever. I pray that this lasts!

8. He puts up with his dear mother.
When you are my kid, you have to deal with a lot. I make him pull me in little wagons, say cheese and do silly poses ALL the time. Even when the cameras aren't around. It's horrible because most of time I make him do silly things to humor me. Oh, bless his heart... He still has 16 yrs of this.

9. His little prayers.
He is learning about the Lord each day and we love watching him pray! Some days he wants to hold hands, other days he folds his hands, bows his head, and quietly talks to Jesus.

10.. This one is my personal one. I am so ever thankful for a little version of my incredible handsome man.
He is literally Christopher's clone. (I have only had 2 people in the last two and a half years tell me that Caleb looks like me and I think I am OK with that). As long as we can rear and bring this boy up just like my husband, the world would be such a better place.

We have so much to be thankful for but Caleb is at the top of our list. What are you thankful for this season?


  1. That was a beautiful tribute to your little boy! I pray the Lord blesses me with beautiful, sweet children someday! :)

  2. @Erica

    Thanks for the sweet words, Erica! I pray the Lord will bless you with the sweetest children someday too! =)