Sunday, October 23, 2011

Look, Corn Dawgs!

 A mom from Caleb's playgroup introduced me to this park and it may just be my new favorite Fall activity. It was on our adventure list for Fall and I am so glad we went!

We have yet to capture a family at a pumpkin patch (realistically, I just want a bunch of pumpkins as a backdrop) so I was determined to get one... Is it a fail or a win that this pic has half of a pumpkin?

The first thing that grabbed Caleb's attention was the zip lining swing. That kid is such a selective dare devil.

I was giggling vicariously through him...

Next ride was the cow tractor...
I underestimated this ride. This place is in the middle of nowhere so they had plenty of space to take the train to outer fields. Kids are allowed to sit alone if the parents are OK but most young toddlers freak out when they're on a strange ride in a strange place in the middle of a strange field. Needless to say, there was a 2 yr old behind us screaming bloody murder.

I'm glad Caleb voiced his concern about not wanting to ride alone so I can soak up the fun too. =)

This was bucket list worthy for a toddler.

Corn box was more of a miss than hit with Caleb. It took a lot of work and bribing for him to sit under all that corn.

My sweet boys.

We tried the corn maze next... Last for about 3 mins with this little man leading. =) 

Hubby came to the rescue...

What does a kid do with corn? 


I think Chris and I had more fun than Caleb did. 

Why we didn't use this backdrop for our family is beyond me...  C'm on, Katee!

 Taking a break before the long drive home! We will definitely be back next year!

What fun family adventure have you ventured on lately?


  1. What a fun family weekend you had Katee! Caleb is so adorable. :)

  2. Great family activity! Your son is so cute :)