Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hard day of work

We are trying to hang on to Summer for as long as we can. Well, maybe just me.  I live for Summer weather and I'm a little sad to bid it adieu . So on this particular day, as my husband was cleaning the yard and washing his car, Caleb wanted to do his part and help. I wanted to do my part and capture the work that was done because who am I kidding? Cleaning is so not my forte.

Caleb has officially mastered the art of posing. I take all credits. I am a photo nazi when it comes to my son, friends, strangers, trees, the mailbox, etc... Enjoy! 

We have been neglecting this little cozy coupe since we got him a wagon (story on that bad boy later) so it needed a good wash. Glad Caleb volunteered because my definition of cleaning anything is power washing it.  

The license plate is the most important part. 

5 mins later?
Moving on to fixing Daddy's wheel.

Now fixing Daddy's car door. 

 More posing.

He declared he was the champ of the day. He did work hard for like.. 15 mins. For a 2 year old, the reward should have been for him to be King for the day.