Thursday, September 1, 2011

Folly Beach

We took a trip to Folly Beach recently for a mini family vacation. We have been extremely busy and I completely overlooked the fact that the 3 of us have not been a vacation together this year. We have been on tons of trips this year but either it was just me and Caleb or we were joined by friends and family. My sweet husband craved some good ol' time with just us at a new location so he planned a trip for us to be together at the beach. He speaks my love language so well!!

It wasn't our usual beach but it just as grand! God didn't have to, but He did. He gave us a PERFECT day at the beach.

How perfect? The weather was AMAZING. It was mid August and not an ounce of humidity! The sand was hard so our little man could walk on sand and played! We spent the day just lounging, napping, and playing on the beach.

He even ventured our further than we thought he would! Oh, the power of a $4.99 bucket and shovel!

There are many many many reasons why I adore this man but the best reason for that day is how much he invests in playing with Caleb! Caleb loves looking at the beach but he does not desire to go in it so it was Chris's mission to get him to love the beach... After all, we are at the beach about 5 times a year. He should be like flipper right now..

Here's a picture of us. That remote for our camera has been my bff. 

Caleb did not care too much taking pictures near the water so he did some more digging. We brought more seashells home.

Here we are at the park in downtown Charleston, SC for a sweet family picture.

This is how they bond. =)

I'm so glad we took this trip. Life is such a crazy thing…and it’s amazing how a weekend away rejuvenates our soul and thirst for quality time. The memories that Caleb will treasure forever. My goal for the rest of the year is to take more mini trips with my boys. Create purposeful memories with our family adventures.


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