Monday, September 19, 2011

First taste of Fall

This weekend was absolutely perfect for some gallivanting around town. Hubby and I had a date at our local Bahama Breeze because we had a few gift cards to spend (I love free food). We're not big fans of chain [seafood] restaurants, mainly because most likely the seafood isn't fresh. But we were both alone and away from home so a little escape to some live island music, palm trees, and yummy food was more than enough.

Chris ordered this deeeelicious Bahamian Grilled Chicken Kabobs. For some out of this world reason, whatever he orders always tastes better. Yes, I did help myself to a few bites.

This was my entrees. Coconut shrimps & tomato basil flat bread with a strawberry daiquiri.  I like having appetizers as entrees. Makes me feel fancy. It did not disappoint, especially with the daiquiri. ;)

I loved my flat bread so much that I recreated for dinner tonight. It took about 5 mins and it did not fail my cravings. Every little bit of my taste buds was dancing.

Sunday was our family day. We attended church and a meeting then we explored a very small and local farmers market. I love small businesses. The kinds that greet you by your first name and genuinely care about your well being.

What the heck is manchego cheese and why does it cost $15.99/lb?? No intentions of finding out but BOGO free nut breads?  I was over that nut. 

September is all about the apples and I want to make apple sauce, apple pie, apple pudding so we were checking out all they had to offer. This baby was huge.

I love the designs of the market. Very random.

Makes me want to start gardening...

Green Bean Chips? Where have they been all my life?!?! Give me some of that!

Of course, wherever you can find green beans (and broccoli) you can find Caleb munching on it.

We left with a few fresh produce and the boys had fun munching on food that they didn't pay for so they ran next door for some frozen yogurt.

Do you ever munch of food while grocery shopping? I do all the time, especially with grapes. Please don't tell. That was our weekend. I love weekends like this.


  1. I love to go to local farmer's market. I was planning to go this saturday . :) Green bean chips? I saw them but never tried them before. Are they any different from fresh green bean? I have yet to meet Caleb after all these years. Fail. :(

  2. I thought the Bahama Breeze, Fresh Market and Yoforia looked familiar. Sorry, I don't mean to scare ya. I'm from Alpharetta too. I'm kinda excited to see another food/fashion blogger from the same city. I wandered to your blog from another one. I like how your outfits look so put together :)

  3. @carol
    Hi! Thank you so much for reading! I can't access your blog from your comment. Can you link me? I'd love to get to know more bloggers in the area!