Saturday, July 30, 2011

Caleb knows his Left and Right. At 2 years old... I am one proud Mama.
I'm excited to start teaching him more in the Fall. I am on a teacher's calendar... giving my kid the Summer off. From what? From being so freaking cute while fidgeting in his chair during learning time because he'd much rather run around the back yard naked. Don't know you Summer is a season for naked little boys to run around? Fall is for learning.

We had a play date with this cutie, Zachary, yesterday. He loves Caleb and Caleb loves him. Seeing them play made me want another boy... all the sentimental feelings went away when I had to clean my house afterwards. Yikes. Not to mention how much boys eat during their teenage years. Sorry, but this girl loves food way too much to share. I kid, of course. Not really.

Isn't it cute that both their eyes disappear when they smile? I love my chinky boys.

We had the kids paint outside during the morning and it took my boy almost 4 hours later to warm himself up to the process. He finally picked up the paintbrush and wait for it... actually painted! Of course, the painting process only took about 2 minutes and he was back to playing with other things... Oh, boy!


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