Monday, May 9, 2011


Caleb is 26 months and is full of energy. He IS energy. It seems like Christopher and I are being impatient with him... But we are still considered new parents and learning as we go. We are learning... Lord, please teach us about patience and how to let go and play more!

As if a 2 year old FULL of energy isn't enough, I have this tiny nasty habit of overwhelming my plate. I can't help it; it is who I am. Many times I get so frustrated and want to give up altogether but I am reminded that God made me this way and that I need to go him when I need encouragement. We just got back from VN (a blessed trip), in the midst of moving to our first HOME!, and I added a 4 day vacation to Orlando without Daddy.

Sometimes a late night heart to heart with my Christopher is just the answered prayer I needed. So glad he's my partner in crime.
My heart is so thankful for him.


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