Monday, January 17, 2011

Celebrating our lives with a purpose...

Considering that it's after 1am, some might say I am staying up late. I'd like to think of it as getting up REALLY early...

I am a morning person... No, I was a morning person. Though my love for the mornings have not lessen, my heart suspects that my love for getting up early left when I suffered insomnia a week before the birth of Caleb. I promise, this only makes sense to me.

Suffering from insomnia can also cause brain farts among other things. 
I created this blog with the intention to jot down all of our adventures and document all of life doings. Our marriage is on such a wonderful journey, Caleb is growing so fast, our lives are getting hectic by the day and since I am so inconsistent with journals to note all of the magnificent things God is doing in our lives, I pray that this will be my diary. I also hope that by blogging each time, I can relive the excitement of our days and thank God for such a wonderful adventure. I want us to celebrate our lives with a purpose... and I want to write all of it down. 

Lord, remind me to celebrate your blessings.


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